The Fundamentals Of Hiring Adequate Stagehands

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The Fundamentals Of Hiring Adequate Stagehands

Opening night with any kind of live entertainment can be nervewracking. If you are planning an opening night and managing an entertainment venue, it's important that you address all of your potential staffing needs, including the need for stagehands. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find the right candidates in some situations. Before you accidentally hire the wrong crew, here are some things that you need to know about your stagehand staffing decisions.

Stagehands Perform More Labor and Need Less Expertise

While those who work your light and sound control boards are trained specialists who can handle complex and detailed work, stagehands are usually the laborers of the crew. They are responsible for hauling equipment, running and taping cables, rolling cables and wires, and more. Whether you're hiring on your own or working with a stagehand staffing company, look for candidates who are self-starters, energetic, and physically up for the demanding work.

Stagehands Need Certain Skills

Although stagehands are known for being more manual laborers than skilled workers, there are some skills that prove beneficial for this position. For example, stagehands often assist in constructing the lighting trusses, placing the video screens, and more. This requires some understanding of the construction fundamentals for each of these tasks.

Additionally, stagehands need to know how to handle cable and wiring, particularly since running these wires and cables will prove to be a significant part of the job. This is one of the reasons why it's in your best interest to work with a stagehand staffing company for your needs. They understand the skills that are in demand for this type of role.

Stagehands Are Guided Workers

Setting your expectations properly is an important part of finding the right stagehand candidates. Even if you hire someone experienced as a stagehand, that doesn't mean that he or she will know precisely how you handle things.

Stagehands are taught to be guided workers, not proactive thinkers. They won't take initiative without clear direction from you first. The goal of stagehands is to have workers that you can easily direct to complete the tasks that you need. 

Hiring stagehands isn't as simple as hiring anyone who is capable of manual labor. You'll need workers who understand the basics of working in a stage environment. Connecting with a stagehand staffing company is often the best way to find candidates that actually meet the specific and unique needs of stagehand roles. Talk with a staffing company near you today for more help.

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